SkyTrack system is entirely a product of the Artronic company. The system combines innovative algorithms and modern technology with the aim of collecting and presenting data of the highest possible quality, and provides assistance in managing, optimizing and planning mobile business processes. In cooperation with users, SkyTrack has been continuously developing  for more than 20 years. Development began in 2000, since then it has been unique and most complete tool for collecting and analyzing data, as well as monitoring business operations. It is suitable for all types of vehicles, offers solutions that cover a wide range of industries and business processes, eliminates a wide range of problems and omissions thanks to better monitoring and process control. Included units are logistics, fleet, tracking and sales. It adapts to your wishes and needs, and is characterized by an individual approach, innovation and quality. As this is not a classic system integrated into one unit, but several integrated tools that make up a unique system, SkyTrack meets all expectations, from basic to advanced vehicle tracking, complete automatization, digitalization, optimization of logistics processes, ECO driving system, specialized solutions and much more. Our systems ensure saving  money, time, human resources, and vehicles necessary for business. On the other hand, they reduce maintenance costs and are proven to contribute to business improvement, increased productivity, employee satisfaction, reduction of potential errors and environmental protection.

Using SkyTrack is safe and simple, maximum data protection and adaptability are ensured, and access is enabled at any time via the application.

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