We are celebrating another successful digitization of delivery - this time for AWT Croatia. We would like to express our gratitude and excitement that they have chosen Artronic and our SkyTrack solutions as their tool to combat the complexity of logistics processes. We are sure that after this implementation, their business will reach a higher level and that the change in employee productivity will bring long-term savings and benefits for the company.

What is the Digital proof of delivery?

Digitalization of delivery is currently one of the most prestigious and thus the most sought-after solutions in the world of logistics. Large companies want to have better control over their logistics processes to ensure that they are done correctly and that the efficiency of each process is at the highest possible level.

Here are just some of the many benefits of this solution:

  • Extensive documentation during delivery is now a thing of the past; SkyTrack solutions made it possible to make all documentation easily accessible through tablets
  • The digitization of delivery improves business processes and the quality of delivery itself
  • The Track&Trace system provides real-time information for the sales force and full visibility of the process available to both the customer and the courier
  • The data on the tablet is 100% updated and synchronized with the storage system
  • Transparency of the delivery process (where is the truck, what goods it has, what was delivered, etc.) and fleet monitoring
  • Digital documents are stored in a digital archive