STM-5 Colibri devices are reliable automotive computers which acquire location, speed and direction data. They use the GSM network to transmit data. The device can also acquire additional data such as ignition or alarm, and can be used as a vehicle immobilizer. 

Colibri is small, effective and simple, thus it is perfectly suitable for tracking different vehicles (cars, trucks, boats) and machines.

Here are some of its main specifications:

  • Large internal memory -  in case of unavailable GSM network, STM-5 Colibri can store up to 2 months of tracking data. Once the connection is established, the device will forward all data through a GPRS.
  • Dynamic tracking algorithm - the device optimizes tracking data acquisition depending on speed, direction and acceleration. It has adjustable GSM network settings and roaming options.
  • Low power consumption - the device uses less than 5 mA in sleep mode with full functionality.

The device is applicable in Logistics, Track&Trace, Road Assistance and Fleet Management.