The SkyTrack Mobile STM Eagle device represents the 8th generation of SkyTrack Automotive Computers with integrated GSM & GNSS modules. 

It can be used not only for position tracking, but also for remote data acquisition or teleregulation.

STM-5 devices include increased positioning capabilities thanks to 99 channel GNSS receiver with support for GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/QZSS with SBAS ranging and orbit prediction. Accordingly, SkyTrack devices can be used in demanding applications like precise agriculture and many others.

Here are some of Eagle's main specifications:

  • Automatic Vehicle Location with on-line and real-time tracking - Simple and effective logistics tool for fleet management.
  • GSM/GPRS Communication with Safe & Secure Data transfer -  Ideal solution for remote data acquisition and device monitoring.
  • Multiple Inputs & Outputs for Peripheral & Sensor expansions - Large set of peripheries expands system capabilities.
  • CANbus for connection to vehicle electronics and Serial Port for terminal interface -  Full FMS data collection including fuel consumption, navigation & communication.