SkyTrack JTM fuel level sensor is designed for precise measurement in all types of vehicle tanks or stationary tanks, reservoirs, pools or similar applications. JTM sensor can be used to replace original fuel detection unit or as an additional sensor for tank monitoring systems, vehicle tracking solutions or as a part of any telematics system.

Solid-state capacitive technology with automatic temperature calibration enables high measurement accuracy while digital transmitter head offers various interface solutions (voltage, current, serial, CAN).

There are many other useful features of SkyTrack JTM fuel level sensor:

  • Carry out remote tank monitoring
  • Get fueling volume & fuel consumption
  • Capacitive Sensing Probe (level sensing)
  • Temperature Compensation
  • High endurance (no moving parts)
  • Adaptive digital filter available
  • On spot calibration
  • Transmitter head with integrated electronics

This sensor is also used for detecting fuel theft and other improprieties regarding this issue.