Artronic has introduced new 828 tablet series into the offer. The Android operating system is responsible for ease of use, accessibility and multitasking, while the international standard IP68 ensures that the device is protected from liquids and dust. On the other hand, the design of these tablets makes them resistant to extreme temperatures, falls and shocks, which is confirmed by the MIL-STD 810G certificate. The 8500 mAh battery enables two days of uninterrupted operation of the device.

With the aim of saving time and money, as well as facilitating business processes, Artronic has been developing specific innovative modular solutions for its users for decades, with an individual approach. SkyTrack digital logistics system, SkyTrack Dispatcher and recapitulation are available on the new tablet series. Unlike many other systems incorporated into a single unit, SkyTrack consists of multiple integrated tools that make an unique system. SkyTrack digital logistics system, an advanced tool for optimal paper-free delivery is one of the most sought-after solutions in the world of logistics that carries a multitude of advantages. As a great advantage users point out the significant achievement of savings and business improvement, and since the system is based on paperless business, an important advantage is a significant contribution to the preservation of the environment and the reduction of deforestation. Planning and automatic optimization of delivery routes achieves significant time savings, reduces the number of vehicles needed for business, time spent in traffic, and CO2 emissions. With the SkyTrack Dispatcher application, the entire shipping process is accelerated and simplified for users, it is possible to track the shipment and make all potential changes by the time the truck leaves. Through tablets, a complete process of loading, checking, delivery and unloading is carried out, and the digitalization of the process prevents potential errors. During the recapitulation, it is not necessary to go through the paperwork, but the whole process takes place very quickly because both the driver and the warehouse worker already know the contents of each truck. Also, packaging control issues have been eliminated. Creating documents with business intelligence systems has never been easier, so it is possible to automatically produce the necessary documentation with real quantities and send it to ERP / WMS and the customer. For quality and timely decision-making, managers have access to a summary graphic overview of the entire process, key performance indicators, cost and cost-effectiveness analysis.