This year, the long-term cooperation with Pinova d.o.o. resulted in a series of PINOVA METEO agrometeorological stations, which received a specialized design and custom-made hardware.

The software solutions that enable these stations exclude the manual collection, processing and analysis of meteorological data, thus significantly facilitating daily agricultural production.

Read more detailed information about PINOVA METEO stations HERE.

The agrometeorological station can be fully personalized by the customer, selecting the parameters to be measured according to their needs:

  1. Air temperature (°C)
  2. Relative humidity (%)
  3. Amount of precipitation (mm/m2)
  4. Humidity on the leaf (%)
  5. Temperature in the plant zone (°C)
  6. Soil temperature (°C)
  7. Wind speed (m/s)
  8. Wind direction (0-360°)
  9. Global radiation (W/m2)
  10. Soil moisture (cb)
  11. Dew Point (calculation) (°C)
  12. Evapotranspiration (calculation)  (mm/m2)
Maximum number of sensors per station: 8