Every successful business requires additional investments that raise the quality and improve the company's position in the market. For this reason, experienced managers often decide to invest in their business and their people in order to encourage new development and create new value. However, the problem arises when ROI (Return on Investment) is impossible to measure due to incomplete or indeterminate data. This is exactly what happens to the managers of logistics and transport companies when they invest in the education of their drivers, where it is not possible to assess the profitability of the investment.

There are many solutions on the market with the similar name of "ECO Driving", but most of them are based on statistical data from which it is impossible to quickly and easily draw conclusions about the quality and level of knowledge of each individual driver. That is why Artronic, an IT company with many years of experience in digitizing logistics solutions, decided to develop a system that gives management insight into the way drivers drive, provides quality training, evaluates training results and ultimately monitors and ensures the application of acquired skills.

SkyTrack ECO Drive is an unique solution on the market. It is a system that does not use statistical data, but continuously records data in the vehicle itself, determines cause-and-effect sequences, monitors driver actions and reactions, and sends all data to the server for analysis. In this way, the impact of the environment, vehicle load, terrain, traffic and vehicle type are excluded from the assessment of driving quality - which makes the SkyTrack ECO assessment the result of the analysis of driving quality itself. It is important to note that the rating consists of one number, obtained by analyzing four different driving components, which allows the user to easily and quickly compare drivers, but also that each driver can work on a specific component where improvement is required.

The best demonstration of the quality of the SkyTrack ECO Drive system is certainly the results achieved after its use. Following the implementation of SkyTrack ECO Drive training, 95% of drivers have shown remarkable improvements in driving efficiency - fuel consumption has been reduced by 20%, maintenance costs have been reduced by 5% and CO2 pollution levels have been reduced by 20%.